An inspirational public speaker, Annie is passionate about healing the invisible wounds of war and bridging the gap between America and our veterans. Her public speaking delivers motivation and inspiration for audiences of all ages.

Founder of the American Soldier Network, Creator of the Reality Series American Heroes, Columnist for US Veterans Magazine Author "Resilience the Annie Nelson Story"
"Decades ago I challenged myself after reading Laurie Beth Jones book "The Path" to create my own personal mission statement, get it to 2 words, was the books personal challenge:
Mine is to "Ignite Faith". I must say that has been my personal mission statement since the early 1980’s, God sure had a plan for my life... I am just a vehicle trying to follow down the path HE has laid out for me. What a ride it has been so far I am truly blessed. Remember to always count your blessings not your bummers....." Annie Nelson

Minnesota native, then Chicago then to the West Coast Annie received a Theatre Arts Scholarship to Cal State Long Beach, graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Communications, also studying at the American Film Institute and earned an upper graduate certificate from the University of California Irvine in Non Profit and Fund Raising. Annie being raised in a family sports background found a niche in sports broadcasting & producing special events. A chance Pen Pal friendship w 3 Marines deployed to Iraq in 2004 changed Annie's life FOREVER. For the past 14  years (going strong) Annie has dedicated her life to raising awareness for  US Veterans of all eras. Annie is a PTS survivor herself;  in 1994 after being beaten up by passengers while working as a flight attendant during one of her flights 


resulting in a fractured spine. Annie has also survived 5 separate concussions, a massive life threatening brain tumor August 2010, requiring a 10.5 hour surgery to save her and leaving her deaf in one ear and on quite a journey to recover. In 2013 she had to undergo major surgery once again removing her first left rib due to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome from the previous concussions. A constant back pain and issuer survivor since that fateful flight in 1994 with procedures regularly. She relates to & inspires our wounded warriors, their families and others by her real life battles, she truly walks her talk. Her story ignites a flame of hope within all she comes in contact with. Ms Nelson shares time & conversation with our Special Forces, Marines, Soldiers, Navy Seamen, Airmen, Reservists & veterans all eras across our USA.