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Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day did you know was originally a Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus? Valentine's Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance in many regions of the world. For some it's become knowns as "Single Awareness Day". Any way you look at it take away all of the commercialism around the 14th of February and look at the true meaning of "love" and what have you got? First it all started in the year 496! Holy cow people have been celebrating Valentine's Day since the Roman era! Imagine if we as a society celebrated and truly took time out to recognize and celebrate Love more than just one day a year. Not just for romance and romantic relationships but for our other relationships as well. Dear friends, siblings, parents and so forth. Taking time out on a regular basis to appreciate each other, recognize the good in each other, to celebrate the human connection and how emotionally we need each other. To unplug from our devices, and to plug into interpersonal relationships, connection and interaction. Depression, hate, ugliness and division would have to lose their grip on society if we put more of a emphasis on love. So this Valentines Day let's try to acknowledge more relationships in our lives and celebrate all the love we are surrounded bye. Of course if you are in a committed romantic relationship be sure you do something a little extra special on Valentine's Day but also go the extra mile to celebrate and recognize other loved ones in your world too. Keep that warm, happy, feeling of love going more than just one day of the year!

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