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Looking forward into the New Year

Often when we kick off a New Year we set goals, resolutions and start new projects. Many people can get stuck in the past. It is easy to get hung up on what was or what did not come to fruition. So many waste so much precious time living in the past. You can not change what has been, you can learn from it, grow from it and then let it go. Sure you can occasionally use things from the past for reference but do not let your past control you or steal your present or future from you! Every time you get in your car, which I can guess is often? Look at that windshield it is big for a reason, so you can see where you are going! The rear view mirror and your side view mirrors yes they are smaller for a reason, to glimpse at them, know your surroundings, be aware of them but keep your eyes in front of you! Focus on where you are going. Be sure you get there. Get there safe, excited about where you are going and always, always be sure to ENJOY the RIDE!

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