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National Tragedy REAL TALK

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

WIth the two most recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton it is time we #TALKtruth instead of #fingerpointing and playing the #blamegame , it is NOT a #guncontrol issue, it is NOT any #political party #fault, it is NOT #racism #Getreal we have a huge problem in out country and it has to do with #MentalHealth , #SancitiyOFLife and #Selfish #Entitled #behaviors along with #InternetAddiction and #DeviceAddiction

IF a person has zero #respect for #life other humans nor the #ruleoflaw they are going to do bad things. Where is the discussion on parenting? Where is the discussion on #violent #online #gaming? Where is the discussion on #mentalhealth #disorders and #rage?

It is SO easy to arm chair Quate rback and play into the political and media agendas but that is SO #irresponsible and flat out #wrong! The ONLY one to #blame in ANY #murder #MassShooting or otherwise is the #CRIMINAL who committed the crime! PERIOD The adolescent #brain develops until at least age 25. Most #mentalhealth #disorders have onset before 24. ** Encouraging understanding of adolescent mental health through education and anti-stigma programs will change lives. How are person develops at any age stems from a lifelong history of just that LIFE. Not all people are going to be #killers! STOP pointing fingers, make this political, assuming YOU know MORE about the person who did the violent act than you actually do or that anyone in the social media space really has a grasp on the mind of a killer. HINT, IF someone is going to break the law, kill or otherwise NO Law or amount of Laws are going to stop them! Maybe study the brain organ of the dead criminal who committed the murder or mass murder and really study it with experts, much like they have with suicide brains and CTE brains. Then study the heart of a person... his/her spirituality, his/her background and upbringing, his/her discipline, his/her education ..... FOR WAY TOO LONG PEOPLE ARE QUICK TO MAKE EVERYTHING POLITICAL, STOP MAKE IT ABOUT HUMAN LIFE and we might actually get somewhere! OK my two cents..... off my #soapbox

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