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Being Vulnerable

Never in a million years did I think I would publish a book let alone pour my journey into print and release it for the world to see. Now that the book is out (On Amazon) and was the top hot new release in 4 categories I guess I did the right thing. I must say it is a bit weird knowing total strangers know your intimate life, but the responses have been tremendous and I am so grateful, blessed and humbled by how many people this book is helping. That was the force behind doing the book in the first place. If my story can inspire, encourage and motivate others then it was so worth it. I must thank Kevin Sorbo for penning the forward and thank my other celebrity friends for their contributions to the book. You are all so very dear to me and your support has truly meant the world.

May anyone who reads Resilience gain their own inner personal perspective and become RESILIENT!

Blessings, Annie

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