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Make It Count

Do you begin your day with excitement and anticipation? Do you wake and attack each day? Do you realize each and every day is a gift? Oh sure it sounds like a rah rah speech but think about it... it is the truth. None of us are guaranteed time. Every moment we get on this planet is a gift. So it is truly up to us to make it count. What we do with each and every moment we are given is up to us. How we spend each day is a choice. Sure we have to work, or raise our kids, or go to school etc. But the way we do those things and still make the time to go after the other things that make our lives full well that is the make it count part. We all have obligations we must keep. We all have responsibilities and people counting on us. The one thing we often let down is ourselves. We owe it to our self and those around us to ensure that in this life, now matter how long or short we are blessed with that we follow through on the commitments we have but we also fulfill the dreams we have to live a full, vibrant, joyful and complete life while we are here. So get up, attack your day, everyday and MAKE IT COUNT!

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